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SZorb(TM) Sulfur Removal Technology (S ZorbTM SRT), a winner of the prestigious R&D 100 Award, is designed to remove sulfur from full range naphtha, from as high as 2000 ppm feed sulfur, to as low as <10 ppm product sulfur, in one single step.....  
  • Low octane loss
  • Very low volume loss
  • Sulfur removal to 10 ppm and lower
  • Low hydrogen consumption
  • Ability to use low purity hydrogen
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As the new owner of S Zorb (TM) SRT, SINOPEC has already taken several major steps towards solidifying the position for S Zorb (TM) SRT to become THE choice technology for gasoline sulfur removal. S Zorb (TM) SRT has been successfully commercialized in 13 units, SINOPEC fully intends to continue worldwide licensing of its S Zorb (TM) SRT and plans to increase the marketing effort beginning in 2011.
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