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S Zorb(TM) Sulfur Removal Technology is very different from what is commonly known as the Hydrodesulfurization (HDS) Technologies. What distinguishes S Zorb(TM) SRT from the rest of the commercially available gasoline desulfurization technologies (all are the HDS type) is what matters most to all refiners. This includes:

1. No pre-splitting of Fluid Catalytic Cracker (FCC) feed stream required to avoid extensive light olefin saturation, and the associated octane loss

2. Hydrogen feed purity is not a major issue (In most cases, reformer hydrogen is an acceptable hydrogen source.)

3. Minimum net hydrogen consumption (considerably less than HDS)

4. The sulfur atom is retained on the sorbent while the hydrocarbon portion of the molecule is released back into the process stream

5. More reactive than HDS catalysts towards all sulfur-containing species

6. Maximum liquid yield (over 99.7 volume % in most cases)

7. Maximum Octane Number retention (especially for reducing >1,000 ppm feed sulfur to <10 ppm product sulfur in one step)

8. Sustained stable catalyst (sorbent) activity to allow synchronization of maintenance schedule with the FCC unit

As the environmental regulations require lower and lower sulfur content in the gasoline products, most HDS users find themselves needing to spend more capital for upgrading the existing HDS units, taking a hit on lost production due to unit down time, and suffering from additional operating cost due to further loss in Octane Number and liquid yield. The need for more high purity hydrogen would strain further the always tight hydrogen supply situation which is common in most refineries. With S ZorbTM SRT, this can be avoided by designing a unit that will meet your ultimate needs while you operate the unit in an optimal mode for your current needs.

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